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There will be a demonstration outside and inside Loughborough Town Hall, starting at 5.00pm, on Monday 28th October. On that evening, at an Extraordinary Full Council Meeting, Councillors will have a vote on whether to accept, reject or amend the Core Strategy (Local Plan). It is a Public Meeting, starting at 6.30 pm, and it’s important that residents make their views known to Borough Councillors.

A big turnout of Charnwood residents opposed to the Borough Council Core Strategy is expected. Despite the thousands of objections to the Strategy submitted during the recent Consultation, CBC has completely ignored the views of residents in both North and South Charnwood. GPCPG supporters will be joined by BABTAG and Thurmaston Say No Groups as well as other concerned residents.

Lynda Needham (Chair) and Roy Kershaw (Vice-Chair) of GPCPG have made the following joint statement:

“Over the last 8 or 9 years Charnwood Borough Council has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of ratepayers’ money on formulating their Core Strategy. Consultants have been employed at very high cost. Thousands of pounds have been spent on Consultations, Workshops and other attempts to discern the views of Charnwood residents. But none of the views have been taken into account in formulating the Core Strategy. It remains almost exactly the same as published in 2006 – Core Strategy Preferred Options.

The Core Strategy proposes housing development almost exclusively on greenfield sites and agricultural land. This is particularly true in the case of the Garendon Green Wedge, on which up to 3,500 houses are planned – a Garendon New Town. The house building programme has now been extended to west of Shepshed, again on agricultural land, with planning applications already in for almost 1,000 houses and land identified for thousands more. It has become a ‘free for all’ for developers who avoid the more difficult brownfield sites and focus instead on destroying our Countryside.

More houses are needed in Charnwood, but in the north of the Borough these should be built east rather than west of Loughborough, on largely brownfield rather than greenfield sites. Now the Council are no longer constrained by the Regional Plan (which has been abandoned) they should have a strategy of promoting smaller developments scattered around the Borough instead of huge Sustainable Urban Extensions (SUEs).

Councillors should reject the current Core Strategy and ask Officers to come up with a strategy that is more sustainable and in line with Charnwood Residents’ expressed views. They should remember that at the Examination in Public, the Inspector may well reject the Core Strategy as it now stands, as happened in Melton Mowbray and North West Leicestershire as well as Councils in Hampshire and West Yorkshire.


GPCPG Campaign against Charnwood Borough Council Core Strategy

The CBC Core Strategy (Local Plan) still includes plans to build up to 3,500 houses on the Garendon Green Wedge and hundreds of houses west of Shepshed on Tickow Lane/Oakley Road. This is despite the thousands of objections to the plans sent in by Charnwood residents during the recent Consultation.

The next stage of the Core Strategy appraisal process is a Full Council Meeting on Monday 28th October starting at 6.30 pm at Loughborough Town Hall. At this meeting Councillors will vote on the Core Strategy proposals before they are sent to the Secretary of State.

This is a Public Meeting, so please come along and show your objections to this flawed Core Strategy. A big turnout will show Charnwood Councillors the strength of feeling against this devastating attack on our Countryside. We will be joined by other protestors from BABTAG and Thurmaston (for South Charnwood) so it should be a very effective demonstration.


  • Join the Demonstration gathering from 5.00 to 6.00 pm outside Loughborough Town Hall on Monday 28th October – bring along your banners and placards
  • Email, phone or write to your local Borough Councillors urging them to vote against the Core Strategy as it now stands
  • Email or write to Nicky Morgan the MP for Loughborough
  • Alert friends and neighbours and ask them to come along to the Demonstration

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information


Threat To The Garendon Green Wedge!

Welcome to the Garendon Park and Countryside Protection Group (GPCPG) Website.

Charnwood Borough Council’s Draft Core Strategy proposes building 3,500 houses on the Garendon Estate. New roads would be built through the Estate as well as the listed Garendon Park, from the A6 at Hathern to the A512 near Shepshed. There are also proposals for extension of the Western Distributor Road from the A512 through Nanpantan and the Outwoods. The Core Strategy now also identifies Shepshed for further building with over 1,000 additional houses projected for west of the town.

Such developments would; destroy productive agricultural land; result in deterioration in air quality; countryside paths and cycle routes would disappear; biodiversity and wildlife would be negatively affected; important heritage assets in the listed Garendon Park would be compromised; local roads would become increasingly congested.

New housing development should be EAST OF LOUGHBOROUGH, on the Wymeswold Airfield brownfield site and at Cotes, NOT west of Loughborough.

GPCPG have launched a new Campaign to save the Garendon Green Wedge and other greenfield sites west of Loughborough, including Shepshed, Hathern, Nanpantan and the Outwoods. To view/download/print the Campaign Leaflet, click the file attached below.

GPCPG has been successfully fighting these developments for some eight years now, but the next few months will be critical to our Campaign. WE NEED YOUR HELP.



A super area for a winter walk



Children enjoying a safe ride on the traffic free road through the estate.


Stonebow bridge over the Black Brook, the beginning of the walk through the estate.


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    25 Penrith Avenue, Shepshed LE12 9NB

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